12 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for your Pregnant Wife

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Is your wife celebrating Christmas for two this year? Then you might need to up the ante with some extra special Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife that will help show her just how much you appreciate her and all she is doing to expand your family!

There are lots of sweet stocking stuffer ideas for your wife that you can choose from any year, but while she’s pregnant, she deserves a little extra pampering, right? Check out these ideas for Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife to find that perfect something to put under the tree for her!

Waiting for You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

While your wife is busy brewing your little one, she’s going through so many big changes, both inside and out! This beautiful keepsake pregnancy journal can be the perfect spot for her to record these changes for posterity’s sake… one day in the future, it will be a sweet memento to look back and remember the food cravings, ultrasounds, pregnancy dreams, and other unique pregnancy happenings with your little one!

Boppy Cuddle Pregnancy Pillow with Removable Cover

Pregnancy pillows are absolutely phenomenal for pregnant women as their bellies grow and they come to find that they really need the extra support overnight, but some of them are monstrous things that almost kick the other person out of bed! Enter the Boppy Cuddle Pregnancy Pillow, which is the perfect size for multiple positions and doesn’t require dad to be kicked out of bed! The removable cover makes for easy cleaning, too, and that’s never a bad thing!

Gift Certificate for Therapeutic Prenatal Massage

Massages from Dad-to-be are great, but it’s not quite the same as going to a professional and getting a therapeutic prenatal massage! Not only can therapeutic massage improve muscle aches and pains, but it can also help alleviate stress and lift the mood. Plus, there are some specific do’s and don’ts about pregnancy massage that have to be followed, and a professional massage therapist that specializes in prenatal massage will know them well! Let your massages be about strengthening intimacy and connection between you two, leave the therapy to the professionals!

Merrimac Fuzzy Cable Knit Slipper Socks

Give your wife the gift of ultimate comfort this year… she definitely deserves it! These super cute slipper socks by Merrimac are fuzzy on the inside with grips on the bottom for extra safety and also have built in arch support, so she might even decide to pack these in her Go Bag for the hospital so she can have a little extra comfort while she’s walking back and forth in the delivery room! 

Belly Butter by Earth Mama

As your wife’s pregnant belly grows, it’s going to feel a little… uncomfortable, to say the very least! That’s where a good belly butter comes into play, like Belly Butter by Earth Mama, a luxuriously rich body lotion that features organic herbs and oils designed to soothe, protect, and help prevent stretch marks, without any artificial fragrances, parabens, or any of the other less than wholesome stuff she might not want near her belly right now!

Bamboo Viscose Nightgown and Nursing Set

Set your wife up for comfort and coziness during her pregnancy, labor, delivery, and all those days and nights that will be spent snuggling and feeding baby with this lovely bamboo viscose nightgown and nursing set! With several color options, you can pick the perfect one for her and she can happily wear it all through her pregnancy and beyond.

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The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

Give your pregnant wife a laugh with The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People! This super cute activity book is witty and engaging with pregnancy-related funnies like the maze where you try to make it to the bathroom from your desk without getting sick, or the word search for all the foods pregnant women can’t eat. Totally irreverent and very, very cute, every pregnant person deserves a good laugh, and this activity book can definitely deliver that!

Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes

Treat your pregnant wife to the perfect pampering this Christmas with Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes. This magnesium bath soak contains eucalyptus for a calming and restorative bath time experience for Mama-To-Be. Plus, Pink Stork also makes a postpartum Sitz Bath soak that makes for a soothing, healing bath experience after baby arrives, so maybe go ahead and grab both!

HP Sprocket Portable 2X3” Instant Photo Printer

Once baby arrives, you two are going to be taking a whole lot of photos of baby… like a TON. Don’t let them get stuck in the digital realm, bring them into the physical with the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer! There are going to be so many adorable photos of the newest addition, you’re going to want to have some physically printed out, too!

The Vault Baby Keepsake Box

Okay, sure, you could use an old shoebox or just tuck everything away into a tote, or you could buy this adorable baby keepsake box to carefully store all the sweet baby mementos you and your wife will acquire throughout the pregnancy and first couple of years of life! From the ultrasound photos to baby’s first haircut, there is plenty of space in this sweet keepsake box for it all.

Promoted to Mom Glitter Tumbler

This gorgeous purple and teal Promoted to Mom Glitter Tumbler is both practical and adorable, win-win! Personalize it with the year that your pregnant wife will be promoted to mom and watch as her eyes light up reading it. Double walled and fully insulated, your wife’s drinks will stay warm or cold as long as she needs them to!

Babymoon Plans

If you haven’t already planned your babymoon, get on it now and surprise your pregnant wife on Christmas morning with thoughtful babymoon plans! Babymoons are a lovely way to enjoy some time with your love before your family expands. Whether you decide to whisk her away for a romantic European vacation or a sweet stargazing expedition stateside, a babymoon, similar to a honeymoon, is the perfect way to celebrate what you two have created together… a whole new member of your family!

Bringing baby home is going to require some rearranging in your relationship, so soak in this final Christmas as a couple because this time next year, your heart will have grown to accommodate one more!

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