20 Family Christmas Traditions Great for Kids (2023)

family sitting together by the fireplace in christmas scene

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is filled with family fun, tradition, and joy. It can also be a bittersweet season, as the colder weather roles in and many are missing loved ones they’ve lost.  That’s what makes December the ideal time to adopt some new traditions. Focusing on connection, … Read more

21 Adorable Indoor Date Ideas for Couples

two people dancing inside, one of the best Indoor Date Ideas for Couples

Is the weather not cooperating with the outdoor date you had planned? Are you looking for indoor date ideas for you and yours? We’ve got you covered here with these 21 indoor date ideas for couples! Don’t overthink it; the most important part of a successful date is that you both have fun, and you … Read more

15 Best TV Shows for Young Children and Babies

Two kids watching some of the Best TV Shows for Young Children and Babies

If you’re a parent who’s raising young children, you probably understand how much of an impact media has on their development. It’s useful to know what music, books, and TV shows have the most age-appropriate, educational messages for growing minds. When it comes to TV shows, you might be nervous to expose your children to … Read more

28 Calming Activities for Kids

Children doing a puzzle on the floor, one of the best calming activities for kids

If you have kids, or have simply been in the same room as one, you know how much energy they have! As a parent, it can be a hair-pulling, overwhelming experience to be on the clock for them 24/7. This is especially harrowing during summer break, when your kids are bored and antsy. You’re probably … Read more

How To Make Your Husband Feel Loved – 8 Simple Ideas

How to Make Your Husband Feel Loved

Want to know how to make your husband feel loved? There are many components that go into a healthy, loving marriage. Like any relationship in our lives, marriage takes hard work and a commitment to continue growing, adapting, and communicating together.  There is no one trick or tip that will suddenly make your marriage perfect … Read more

25 Meaningful Bible Verses About Family

Bible Verses About Family

Family is arguably the most sacred aspect of our lives. Whether blood-related or chosen, our family keeps us strong, connected, and grounded in our faith. Family is a source of unconditional love, reflecting the unwavering love of God. The holy Bible holds so many gems of beauty and truth that remind us of the importance … Read more

12 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for your Pregnant Wife

pregnant woman sits in front of christmas tree holding her belly and smiling

Is your wife celebrating Christmas for two this year? Then you might need to up the ante with some extra special Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife that will help show her just how much you appreciate her and all she is doing to expand your family! There are lots of sweet stocking stuffer ideas … Read more

21 Sweet Stocking Stuffers for Your Wife

couple checking out decorations on their christmas tree

Time to deck the halls and look for gifts for those we love the most! If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your wife, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something practical, or something just for fun, you can make your wife’s Christmas a little more magical with some … Read more

9 Therapist-Recommend Couples Communication Exercises

couples communication exercises - image of couple hugging on bed, wearing light colored clothes and smiling

Communicating in your relationship is not always easy, but learning the skills to communicate well is essential, particularly in the context of a romantic relationship or a marriage.  We’ve got a guide that showcases 5 ways to have better communication in relationships, but to take the tips even further, we reached out to couples therapists, … Read more

Why I’m Converting to Catholicism

converting to catholicism - image of candles burning against dark background, hands holding lit candles

In 2021, I’m becoming Catholic. What a scary thing to write and to share. In an age when organized religion is often looked at with doubt, ridicule, and even hatred; in a time when many “religious” people seem to be aligned with ultra right-wing politics and fanaticism; in the current time, it might seem downright … Read more